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Great Western at Powder Show 2018
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Great Western Manufacturing Introduces the New QA30 In-Line Sifter at Powder Show 2018

Enhance your quality and confidence with a Great Western QA 30 In‐Line Sifter to remove oversized impurities. The gentle, gyratory motion makes it ideal for many quality assurance applications, such as product control on receipt or prior to mixing or packaging. Designed for direct insertion into pneumatic conveying systems, these sifters can eliminatethe need for extra equipment, simplifying your operation and lowering sanitation expenses. The QA30 can be customized to meet your capacity and installation needs. Its compact, space saving design with light weight components enables the sifter to be quickly and easily dismantled for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Together, the all stainless steel construction, snap‐on food grade gaskets, and lift‐out screen frames with glued‐on screens, provide the optimum in sanitation, sifting performance, cleaner performance, and screen life.


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