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Mobile Quality Assurance Sifting from
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Continuous Innovation in Product Protection & Production Sifters Since 1858!

Great Western’s In-Line sifters set the standard for sanitary sifters for processing and quality assurance applications.  Get this high level of production protection in an In-Line sifter designed to meet the demanding requirements of PD truck or rail loading and unloading and installed in a fully portable and self-contained trailer.

The Mobile Quality Assurance Sifter is ideal for In-line sifting on product delivery or receipt; sifting at a trans-loading location; silo evacuation or load-out; and emergency situations.  

The self-contained trailer includes: Great Western’s In-Line sifter which features:

  • Stainless steel screen trays containing all of the interior serviceable components: gasket, screens and cleaners.
  • The screens are mechanically stretched and bonded to the screen trays which can be re-screened indefinitely. 
  • Since the tray is a structural component, the intermediate stainless steel sieve rings are an extremely simple design eliminating much of the internal structure resulting in a remarkably light-weight, clean and un-obstructed interior of the sieve frame that is easily cleaned. 
  • Hinged guards to provide full access to the sifter and drives for inspection and maintenance

The self-contained trailer includes Touch screen PLC workstation; smooth aluminum interior panels, aluminum diamond-plate decking; hydraulic leveling legs and controls, generator and compressor.  Shore power provisions are also included.

About Great Western Manufacturing
Great Western Manufacturing is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom industrial processing machinery that has been serving cereal grain processors, mix plants, bakeries, snack food producers, spice processors, and the pet food, chemical, plastics and mineral industries since 1858. Customers know they can rely on Great Western to provide quality sifters with an emphasis on product and employee safety.



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