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In-Line Pneumatic | Quality Assurance Sifters

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Pneumatic sieve compression for easy maintenance
  • Engineered to handle high capacity quality assurance sifting applications gently and efficiently.
  • Ball or cube cleaners prevent blinding.
  • Stainless steel construction of all product contact areas.
  • Standard top vertical inlet and discharge simplifies installation.
  • Standard inlet and discharge support brackets eliminate custom fabrications.
  • Pneumatic sieve compression system with tie rods securely seal the nest-together sieve rings.
  • Nest-together sieve frames eliminate the need of a housing and enables the machine to be quickly and completely dismantled in minutes.
  • Individual sieve rings contain a lift-out tray frame which has mechanically stretched and glued-on clothing for the utmost in performance and sanitation.
  • Snap-on neoprene gaskets do not use adhesives for attachment.
  • Lift-out tray frames can be re-screened indefinitely.
  • Tailings canister with manual butterfly valve enable the tailings to be emptied even with the sifter in operation.
  • Reliable Tru-Balance drive straddles the sifter’s center of gravity and keeps the sifting motion in the machine

Models and Capacities


The QA24 is available with 2 to 5 sieves and a net screen area from 4 to 10 ft².


The QA30 is available with 2 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 10 to 35 ft².


The QA36 is available with 2 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 10 to 35 ft².


The QA46 is available with 4 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 35.6 to 62.3 ft².

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