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Direct insertion in conveying lines
  • Direct insertion into pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying lines. This eliminates the need for receivers, airlocks, and additional blowers.
  • Equalized air pressure above and below the sifting screens. No differential air pressure is exerted on the product or sifting screen that would force material through the screens.
  • Gentle gyratory sifting. No unnatural physical or mechanical pressure to force product through the screens.
  • “Filtered” air to insure there is no possibility of oversized impurities by-passing the sifter.
  • Easy access for inspection or maintenance.

The In-Line sifter is, by far, preferred for bakeries, pasta plants, and mix plants. The primary reason for their choice is system simplification. This is clear when you examine the diagrams that are typical from silo to scale hopper:

Direct insertion in conveying lines A gravity flow sifter, as shown on the left, is not designed to accept air flow that will influence the sifting action. When properly applied, many systems require two blowers along with associated filter receivers, airlocks, surge hoppers, and dust control to enable the product to reach its destination. Compared to the In-Line sifter on the right which is designed to be inserted directly into pressure or vacuum dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Eliminating the need to go from one conveying state to another and back again saves a great deal of extraneous equipment. Not only are the initial system investment and installation costs substantially lower, the on-going operation, maintenance, and sanitation expenses over the life of the system are reduced. Another important benefit is that the In-Line concept gets the sifting protection as close to the finished product as possible with a minimum of additional costly equipment after the sifter that can be a source of contamination.

Models and Capacities


The QA24 is available with 2 to 5 sieves and a net screen area from 4 to 10 ft².


The QA30 is available with 2 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 10 to 35 ft².


The QA36 is available with 2 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 10 to 35 ft².


The QA46 is available with 4 to 7 sieves and a net screen area from 35.6 to 62.3 ft².

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