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New Sieves Fabricated from
Food Grade High Density
Polyethylene Plastic

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Great Western Manufacturing Introduces New Sieves Fabricated from Food Grade High Density Polyethene Plastic

Great Western Manufacturing has introduced the Lift-Out Tray Frame and Nova Sieve Frame,  using standard aluminum Nova trays, fabricated from Food Grade High Density Polyethylene plastic.

The Lift-Out Tray Frame is available for the Model 200 (30-7/8" sq sieves), Model 300 (30-7/8" x 40-7/8" sieves) and Model 400 (40-7/8" sq sieves) Tru-Balance sifters which are widely used in applications throughout mill processing and quality assurance applications.  

The Nova sieve has become the predominate selection by millers for mill capacity enhancements and needed sieve replacements.  Great Western now offers the Nova sieve fabricated with Food Grade HDPE plastic, benefits include:  

  • Works with existing Nova aluminum trays
  • Available for standard North American sifters (sieve sizes: 24-11/16" sq., 28-3/4" sq., and 30-7/8" sq.) as well as some European sifters
  • Advanced manufacturing processes provide a simpler, more sanitary Nova sieve design with the same great benefits of the traditional wooden Nova sieve including: Sturdy metal tray, Elimination of backwire, Optimum screen tensions, High net screen area, One piece pan and screen cleaner with high cleaner performance, Reduced sieve heights allow for increased number of sieves in a stack or increased sieve heights

 Great Western Manufacturing is a leading designer and manufacturer of product protection and production sifters since 1858.  Their sifters are used for scalping, grading and fines removal from dry, free-flowing powders and granular materials. Great Western serves cereal grain processors, mix plants, bakeries and snack food producers, spice processors and the pet food, chemicals, plastics and mineral industries.


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