Great Wester Manufacturing

Tru-Balance Drives

The Great Western Tru-Balance sifters each feature a perfectly balanced drive which ensures vibration free performance.

The Tru-Balance drive is custom designed to match your specific requirements for screening dry products ranging in size from ΒΌ" to 400 mesh. The sifter frame can be mounted on the floor or ceiling suit your installation requirements.

Our Tru-Balance drive transfers the gyratory motion to both the top and bottom of the sieving unit simultaneously.. The inertial “top heavy” lag common to sifters with drive mechanisms positioned below the sieve unit is avoided.

Automatic Sieve Compression
Gyratory motion

Our horizontal gyratory motion is gentle. It reduces product degradation and is superior to designs using vibratory or centrifugal action.

Automatic Sieve Compression
Vibratory motion

Vibratory designs bounce materials vertically which shortens the time they are in contact with the screen and reduces efficiency. Oversized elongated particles pass through the screen when they are upended impairing separation quality.

Sanitary Frame Construction
Centrifugal sifters

Our gentle gyratory sifting action is less severe than centrifugal sifters. Separation of near sized particles is more precise and the risk of fracturing oversize impurities and forcing them through the screen is diminished

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